Stefano Zucchinali


After a bachelor degree in Molecular Biotechnology, Stefano Zucchinali received his M. Sc. cum laude in Industrial Biotechnology in 2010 from the University of Milano-Bicocca working on heterologous expression, homology modeling, molecular dynamics and structural characterization of novel enzymes. In 2011 he moved to a private CRO where he joined actively the research and development team.
In 2014 he became project leader and in 2016 technical and innovation manager, i.e. head of the research department. In these roles he supervised and actively worked in several EU-funded projects (FP7: Kyrobio and BIOOX, Horizon2020: Tascmar) and was responsible for customer-related activities. His main skills are heterologous expression and purification of enzyme and peptides in different hosts, biostimulant production by enzymatic hydrolysis and development of innovative biochemical industrial processes.
Since 2018 he started his own co-founded company: Clever Bioscience


+39 0385 833 896

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