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Research and development

Clever Bioscience is a private company that offers development and production of innovative products opportunely formulated and services for agro, cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies.

We are part of LabAnalysis group established in 1976 in order to satisfy main analytical request to support in GLP or GMP the studies necessary to build the registration dossier.

Clever Bioscience can satisfy the R&D requirements coming form different business area. Our board is composed by a full-experienced team completely committed to find the best solution for your needs.

High technological value

Low environmental impact

High effectiveness


We want to create value from research and innovation offering green and sustainable solutions for people wellness with low impact of the industrial process on the environment.


the Next Future

We work to drive your ideas to real products and valuable process using cutting-edge technologies in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biocatalysis, Chemistry and Formulation. We are convinced that industrial biotechnology is the beating heart of the next future companies and we want our solutions as the core of our sustainable society.

A good strategy is the key of success

Our mission is driving your idea to real products and valuable processes through our competence and competitiveness.


A target based research

Research of innovative products is not only a scientific exercise: we set our experiments following your final target depending on the market sector you are interested in. In fact, the design of the feasibility study and the next effectiveness evaluation is based on the necessities to bring to market a biocide, a plant protection product, a biostimulant, a medical device or a new active ingredients with 3 values:

Competitive price


High quality


Best performance


Our success is the ability to match the best scientific technology with the deep knowledge of the regulatory compliance of the related field


Whole process

Registration support

As part of the Labanalysis group (accredited ISO, GMP, GLP) we carry out studies on products of interest to support the registration phase and in the quality control process.

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