Biocatalysis is the chemical process through which enzymes or other biological catalysts perform chemical reactions starting from organic intermediates.

Enzymes and whole-cells catalysts are useful tools for a sustainable chemistry. In fact, their use permit to avoid several high-risk synthetic steps and perform high regio-diastero-and enantioselective reactions.
The majority of the enzymes involved in organic chemistry are able to introduce specific functional groups in a single passage working at room temperature and under neutral aqueous conditions. Their regioselectivity allows to streamline complicated chemical synthesis making also easier the purification and down-stream strategies.
Biocatalysis is powerful instrument also for producing technical materials useful to build new generation products for different sectors such as biostimulants (agro area), peptides (pharma area), new integrators (nutra area) and metabolites (cosmetic area).

  • Production and purification of bioactive peptides
  • Set-up and optimization of enzymatic assays and analitical methods
  • Design of chemo-enzimatic processes with low environmental impact
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis of natural biomasses

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