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High therapeutic effect and low toxicity

Our bioactive products have a strong inhibitory/biocidal effect on human bacterial and fungal pathogens. In particular, our peptides are useful in the treatments of vaginosis, high respiratory tract infections and skin disorders. Our actives can support conventional pharmaceutical products enhancing their performances.

Bioactive peptides against bacteria

Bioactive peptides against fungi

Secondary metabolites


New fermentation techniques

We can produce microorganisms, active metabolites and peptides for industrial level production.
Microorganisms are isolated for various industrial applications, optimizing growth conditions. This allows to reduce the cost of the final product and obtain a major reward for the business.


Fermentation area

    • 7.5L bioreactors (SmF)

    • 75L bioreactors (SmF)

    • 750L bioreactors (SmF)

    • Customized fermentation
      for volume up to 10.000L


New perspectives
for research and

Omic analysis consists in studying genetic or molecular profiles of humans and other organisms.

  • Genomic

  • Transcriptomic
  • Proteomic
  • Metabolomic

Powerful tool for several processes

Evaluation of the best strategies using a combined technology which involves chemical and biological processes.
Enzyme or whole-cell mediated chemical reaction to solve different requests.

No use of hazardous reactants or solvents
high regio-diastero and enantioselective reactions
Reduced use of protective groups
Sstreamline chemical synthesis pathways
Molecular Biology

Microorganism modification

Thanks to this technology we can produce specific metabolites, active ingredients and enzymes.

  • Iimprove the productivity of a secondary metabolite

  • Rebuild a metabolic pathway switching on or off particular genes

  • Improve the characteristic of an enzyme

  • Insert in a host a complete cluster of your interest.

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