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Development and production of smart and innovative Bio-products

Clever Bioscience is a private company that offers development and production of innovative products and services for agro, cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies. Through the use of advanced techniques of microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry, Clever Bioscience is able to develop products opportunely formulated with high technological value, low environmental impact and high effectiveness.

Our Services

A good strategy is the key of success. Our mission is driving your idea to real products and valuable processes through our competence and competitiveness.
Our success is the ability to match the best scientific technology with the deep knowledge of the regulatory compliance of the related field.
We can provide the right tools to your idea in all the stages of its life.
Research of innovative products is not only a scientific exercise: we set our experiments following your final target depending on the market sector you are interested in. In fact, the design of the feasibility study and the next effectiveness evaluation is based on the necessities to bring to market a biocide, a plant protection product, a biostimulant, a medical device or a new active ingredients with competitive price, high quality and best performances to the target.

The scientific tests and formulation prototypes of these products are different and their commercialization is regulated from different specific laws.
We know that, and we can support you in finding the best solution for your necessities.
Moreover, we take care of the industrial point of view. Our facilities permit us to produce pilot scale samples and validate industrial processes up to the process book release.


Our experts will manage your whole process.


Microbiological Unit Manager
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Chief Executive Officer
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Biochemical Unit Manager
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Master in Preformulation, development and control of drug (2011, University of Pavia) – M. Sc. in Organic Chemistry (2002, University of Pavia)

M. Sc. in Chemical Science (2006, University of Pavia)


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