The Art of formulation permits to combine different ingredients to achieve a new product with enhanced characteristics. These substances are used for several reasons and are important as much as the active ingredient

The right combination of coformulants with the technical material allows to obtain the best characteristics for the specific market sector. In fact, we are able to develop different kind of formulations for biopesticides, plant protection products, API, medical devices, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.
A good formulation is important because it is possible to deliver the active substance on the target in a proper way keeping under control the concentration and the persistence on the site of action. Moreover, product applications become easier and the safety concerns about the use of the substances are markedly reduced.
This innovative formulation approach permits to reduce the final cost of the product and improve its quality.
We own a deep experience in this sector and our customer- and target-oriented attitude is focused on your business.

Our divisions are fully specialised and all the solutions are customised and competitive.

  • Oil dispersion (OD)
  • Dust formulation (DP)
  • Granules (GR)
  • Wettable powders (WP)
  • Soluble liquids (SL)
  • Emulsifiable concentrates (EC)
  • Suspension concentrates (SC)
  • Suspoemulsions (SE)
  • Water dispersible granules (WG)
  • Microencapsulation (ME)
  • Gel formulation
  • Tablets (TB)
  • Seed treatment formulations
  • Soluble powder (SP)

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