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Useful for several applications

A specific microorganism could be isolated for different industrial-oriented application and our deep knowledge in submerged and solid-state fermentation techniques can provide the right expertise to achieve your purposes.

Optimizing the growth conditions permits us to obtain specific strains able to grow fastly and in major amounts. This permits to reduce the cost of the final product and a major reward for your business.

Moreover, we are able to enhance the potential of a strain performing advanced evolutive techniques such Crispr-Cas 9, genome shuffling, assembly PCR or synthetic shuffling and evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement thanks to the possibility to use different type and size bioreactors.

Microbial fermentation in flasks and in bioreactors (Lab-scale and industrial scale)
Microbial identification and quantification in several final products
Evalutation of antimicrobial activity of molecules and products of interest
Production and discovery of secondary metabolites
Microbial isolation and strain improvement
Identification of product with antimicrobial activity
Challenge test

The setup of the new and customized fermentation techniques allows the industrial production of a wide range of products

We can produce microorganisms, active metabolites and peptides for industrial level production.
Microorganisms are isolated for various industrial applications, 

optimizing growth conditions. This allows to reduce the cost of the final product and obtain a major reward for the business.


Our area of Fermentation

  • 7.5L bioreactors (SmF)
  • 75L bioreactors (SmF)

  • 750L bioreactors (SmF)

  • Customized fermentation for volume up to 10.000L

  • 800mq of microbial growth chamber (SSF)


Application Markets

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