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Let’s Highlight research from Italian Universities

Biotechnological research at Italian universities is becoming a reality thanks to Clever Bioscience. This initiative has already attracted the interest of Italian, European and Japanese companies. Giorgio Freschi and Davide De Simeis tell us about it.

Clever Bioscience is an innovative start-up company founded to support Italian and foreign companies in developing new products with a low environmental impact. In particular, the start-up uses the high-profile and technologically valuable research of Italian universities to create products that can be launched on the market as soon as possible.

Clever Bioscience caters to a wide range of industries and products, from agri-food to pharmaceuticals, as well as nutraceuticals and cosmetics, and supports its clients at all stages of their product development. A feasibility study of the project idea put forward by the client or by the universities themselves is the first stage. An assessment follows this in terms of market positioning, effectiveness and costs, and finally, the actual product marketing. As pointed out, a study has to be evaluated in terms of economic feasibility from the outset: a lot of research and products may be extremely promising; however, they may not be well accepted by the market. In these cases, Clever Bioscience works to find alternative ways and strategies to please its clients, whose needs are taken care of across the board.

The development phases managed by the start-up also include the industrial process, which guarantees the client that the product is produced according to the quantities set out in the business plans, and the registration of the product itself. This last aspect involves a very precise and often complex process: following the development from the very beginning enables faster progress.

One of Clever Bioscience’s great strengths is that it demonstrates the value of Italian universities and their researchers, drawing on their excellent abilities and skills to help companies. In the last three years, the number of in-house researchers has tripled. In a constant search for new recruits, it cooperates with Italian universities and sets up PhD programmes. Biotechnology is a highly innovative sector that includes various techniques that can be applied to a wide range of industries. Clever Bioscience has several branches: molecular biology, microbiology, biocatalysis, chemistry and formulation. Different disciplines that complement each other perfectly to create finished products quickly and efficiently. Within the framework of international guidelines, the start-up’s ultimate aim is to replace traditional chemistry and lower the environmental impact of products through alternative natural biomolecules that provide the same degree of effectiveness.